An Intergalactic Odyssey

These are the voyages of the Stellar Foxes, a group of extraordinary citizens on a bold mission to explore the metaverse in search of incredible worlds and civilizations. To learn from them, expand on their knowledge, build upon it, and consistently seek to improve.

We are a metaverse brand and guild consisting of 10 000 NFTs made with love and passion from over 500 traits, ensuring each one is unique and beautiful. Each NFT will have a power level that determines its rarity and the voting weight (among other future perks) used in the project's governance. We will be employing an analytical approach to researching various realms to join and exploit into befitting our high-minded ideas.

Introducing a diversified team of talented individuals coming from various backgrounds, united by the power of web3 with the sole ambition of creating something special. An amazing project starts with great original artwork, a thrilling story, a passionate team and a desire to innovate. There is no public roadmap, utility and airdrops are to be expected, but as we learned from those that came before us, sporadic announcements with real achivements and a sparkle of mistery are key ingredients in the recipe needed to propell this into becoming a timeless masterpiece. Underpromise and overdeliver will be our way going forward. However... the most important aspect of any project is the community which we will constantly seek to empower. Let's shape this story together! Will you join us?